Dolly Leigh

Morning Glory with Dolly Leigh

Written by MrHD, in Hardcore

Early one morning sexy Dolly Leigh came down to the kitchen for a refreshing glass of juice, wearing just her little shirt and a pair of skimpy white panties…when her man came down and saw that sexy bubble butt of hers peeking out from under her shirt he couldn’t help but scoop Dolly up in […]

Sexy Shower Sweetheart with Dolly Leigh

Written by MrHD, in Hardcore

Beautiful Dolly Leigh was in the shower getting that tight slender beautiful body of hers all wet and soaped up when her man found her, and he immediately started fingering her hole…soon they were heading hand in hand to the living room where they hopped on the couch and put those cushions to the test […]

My Little Stepsister with Dolly Leigh

Written by MrHD, in Hardcore

Gorgeous redhead Dolly Leigh had been fantasizing about her stepbrother for awhile now and she was ready to put her fantasies into action…she couldn’t keep her hand out of her panties and wanted some attention from him so she threw a paper ball at his head, then hopped onto the bed with his remote just […]

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